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Hair Restoration in Turkey

Our Hair restoration clinic in Turkey specialize in the treatment of male and female pattern hair loss We have tailor-made specific treatment plans according to each patient’s needs with high quality and affordable hair transplant cost in Turkey.

Our hair transplant pricing in Turkey for the hair implant procedures that we offer are some of the lowest on the market, despite using the highest accredited facilities in the country.

Every patient who walks into our BEST Hair restoration clinic in turkey is seen by a qualified doctor. Our hair transplant surgeon advice the patients as to their options; the decision to proceed with surgery is that of the patient.

We believe that hair restoration surgery should be performed most experienced and skilled surgeon, who are always dedicated to provide the highest standard of care and to give the best result possible for every patient.

All of our surgeons have dealt with a broad range of cases with an individualized approach to suit your needs. We have the experience and skill in hair restoration techniques with 95% of cases being from a hereditary condition known as Male Pattern Baldness, and determine which treatment is right for you.

We are a top choice for international patients due to our rules and regulation offering GOOD, affordable hair transplant pricing in Turkey. Our top-rated facilities and surgeons follow Turkish guidelines. Our hair restoration clinic is under the guidelines of Turkish Ministry of Health, as well as being certified by international accreditation bodies. Our Hair Transplant cost in Turkey is more affordable with the natural looking results for your hairs.

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Your hair transplant clinic in Turkey is one of the leading centers in hair transplantation in Turkey, Istanbul because of the following factors:

INTEGRATED SERVICES: Our services begin with you since your arrival at the airport and include accommodation, transportation, and interpreter.

FREE MEDICAL CONSULTATION: We offer a free medical consultation before, during and after surgery.

GUARANTEED RESULTS 100%: Our Patient co-coordinators and medical staff are available throughout the day and are ready to help you over the phone.

MEDICAL CARE: Your hair transplant clinic in Turkey has the latest equipment with high-technology options which minimizes both examination times and the number of invasive procedures.