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Hair Transplant Cost Turkey

A surgical method which is used to treat varying levels of alopecia in men and women who have irreparable hair loss is called as Hair transplantation. The transplanted hair results are generally considered to be permanent. In the hair transplantation FUE procedure, the surgeon removes hair follicles from a part of your body, which has good hair growth - called the “donor site “and transplants the hair follicles in the “recipient site” which is bald or has very few hairs.

Our Hair transplant clinic in Istanbul specializes in hair transplant FUE procedure. Our BEST hair transplant surgeons perform the surgical FUE procedure with minimal invasion under local anesthesia. A typical hair transplant session necessitates the extraction and placement of 300 to 3,000 follicular unit grafts. The Hair transplant cost in Turkey depends on the number of follicular units transplanted. And also based on the pattern and percentage of hair loss, skin laxity, and size of the baldness on your head.


Some Factors That Contribute To The Hair Transplant Cost In Turkey Are:

  • The patient´s approval to shave the recipient site for the placement of grafts.
  • Sometimes there will discount in the whole procedure if patients agree to publish images without a face.
  • Whether the clinic can define the appointment on very short-notice (e.g. in case another patient had canceled a procedure).
  • The regular price for fully shaven FUE hair transplant per graft (includes full shaving of the donor and the recipient site) varies with the actual price for FUE hair transplant without shaving of the recipient area per graft.
  • The FUE hair transplantation cost for beard hair is also per graft. Minimum beard transplantation may require 2,000 hair follicles grafted onto chin, cheeks and mustache area.

The Your Hair Transplant surgeon touches only the hair root at the end of the hair during the FUE hair implantation to guarantee it will not be damaged. For the success of FUE hair transplant procedure, you require perfectly stable and experienced hands of the surgeon specialist who will consider the natural direction of the hair growth and implant the grafts in the right angle.

The FUE procedure specialized surgeons will treat each and every client in a trustful and professional manner. Before the treatment begins you can discuss with the experts and get answers to all your questions. Once you feel completely safe and ready to do the hair transplant, then you can proceed with the surgery.

Get a proper consulting and treatment for your hair loss pattern only at BEST FUE Hair Transplant Clinic in Turkey, Istanbul and get natural looking hairs.