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What distinguishes Turkey

Nowadays, when Turkey is mentioned in any setting, the land of ‘’Medical Tourism’’ crosses our minds immediately. The reason is because Turkey has built a unique reputation when it comes to medical tourism. The country has a solid infrastructure in this sector and is continuously improving to the extent that it astonishes everyone. One of the flourishing sectors in medical tourism is hair transplant.

Giving the tremendous shifts in people’s perceptions of the quality of life and the notion of being seen as young, beautiful and having the best appearances, Turkey has wisely used this fact and proved its competence in enhancing the sector of hair transplant by complying to the highest standards provided to patients from all over the globe.

So what distinguishes Turkey from any other country when it comes to hair transplant? In the matter of fact , there are plenty of reasons that make Turkey the best destination for hair transplant and to mention a few:

  • Strategic Location and Proximity:
    Turkey’s unique location lying in the heart of two vital continents (Asia and Europe) has bridged the gaps and made it easier for travelers and patients to consider it as the ideal destination for hair transplant. Moreover, Turkey’s rich history and touristic attractions pushes people to travel to explore the beauty of the country and at the same time undergo hair transplant surgery. This way they kill two birds with one stone; that is to say, while having their operation they can also get to spend their free time touring around the country and exploring its magical sceneries.
  • Cutting-edge Expertise:
    you might be one of many people who think the only reason behind the growing interest in hair transplant in Turkey is merely the cost, however, that’s not the sole fact. Turkey has an elite selection of hair transplant experts who have demonestrated their professionalism and compliance with international standards and modern technology. They are constantly updated with the latest techniques, developments and new researches related to the field of hair transplant. In such a short time – compared to other countries – Turkish hair transplant surgeons have been able to gain a deep know-how regarding the surgery. They don’t only acquire medical and surgical abilities but rather they’re distinguished by having an aesthetic talent and artistic touches that grants patients the most captivating looks.
  • High Success Rates:
    Turkey has broken the records with the highest number of successful operations it achieved throughout many years. This has granted hair transplant clinics and surgeons in Turkey the trust of foreign patients. Nevertheless, be aware during your selection of the best hair transplant center who can truly assure satisfying outcomes.
  • Latest Hair Transplant Techniques:
    when it comes to adopting new technologies be sure that Turkey is among the countries that are rapidly incorporating state of the art techniques into their operations supported with modern technology. Using the FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) technique for many years, hair transplant surgeons are persistently accumulating great amount of information and knowledge by conducting researches regarding developing this technique. The FUE technique is widely used in Turkey to guarantee painless, more precise and favorable results.Today, hospitals and medical centers in Turkey are fully equipped with modern appliances and the most innovative equipments. They are always in the pursuit of abiding to international standards, offering the most luxurious experience and treatment to patients.
  • All inclusive package:
    coming to one of the crucial factors that affects patients’ decision to undergo hair transplant in Turkey, is the affordable and reasonable prices. Turkey offers relatively lower prices compared to other countries, especially USA and Europe where they charge more than $ 8000 for the surgery, whereas in Turkey you can get a fully covered package (including accommodation and sometimes a tour program) as low as $ 2000. This huge difference makes patients rethink before making their final decision on whether to have the surgery performed locally or abroad. Of course, many people prefer to go overseas to a country like Turkey which is known for its leading experience in hair transplant as it can save them a lot of money for the entire stay and restore their looks.